How Do You Know When You’re Writing the Right Stuff?

Writing when you’re working full time can be stressful. Writing in general can be stressful. You don’t always have time, or your on a deadline. Naturally, you want to make the most out of your writing time. It’s precious and if like mine, limited. So how do you make sure you’re writing the good stuff with that time? Read More


Twitter Etiquette 101

I’ve encountered a couple of things recently that I find on the more annoying side of things you can do on Twitter. Obviously people will have different opinions on these, but I’ve noticed that I’m not alone in these feelings. I’ll offer some suggestions on how to get the same effect without the annoying side effects. Here are some things to keep in mind: Read More


When Are You an Expert?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about “experts” in various fields. When do you become an expert in anything? What makes me ask this, is because the fields that I enjoy (writing & digital marketing) are always evolving. Can you call yourself an expert when at some point in time you do not know all that you can about a subject?

Read More


Getting Caught Up in the Little Things

When I write, it’s easy for me to get caught up in things that do not produce words on the page. I’ll get distracted because I can’t remember the name of a place or a person and then go on a hunting frenzy to find it. After some time, I might have what I couldn’t remember, but I’ve been pulled completely out of my writing zone. Read More


Welcome to the new home of my blog!

Today I merged my two sites I had going together. If you are seeing this, that means you were subscribed to my blog over at lesimonis.wordpress.com and have been transferred over to the new domain (lesimonis.com).

Everything will be the same – same posts about writing and all that goodness. Only difference is a bit more of my digital marketing love might trickle in, and that my digital marketing side is a bit more evident in the pages.


Any questions? Go ahead and ask!

Featured image by Criana on Flickr.


Lauren’s Lessons Learned: Deadlines

I’ve noticed that when I don’t have deadlines, I don’t always push myself when needed. Something like NaNoWriMo really helps me because it’s kind of a lofty (but achievable!) goal that pushes me to write when I may not feel so much like writing. Read More


Stop Comparing Yourself

It’s a problem I definitely have. You have life aspirations and a few people around you tend to share those goals. For me, it’s hard not to see their success or struggles and compare their place in achieving their goals to mine. Read More


Getting Out of the Rough Patch

I’ve noticed that when I’m in the middle of a difficult chapter, I start to second guess every freaking aspect of my writing. I want to stop, and ask someone how I should be doing it. I want someone to tell me what to do. But that’s not very helpful in the long run – the only way I can learn to be a better writer, is to push through that awfulness and have someone critique it after it’s written. Read More


Social Media: It’s About Engagement

When I first got my Twitter account, I used it to follow other accounts. I hadn’t planned on tweeting much myself – I just felt obligated to be part of Twittersphere being a journalism major. But as I figured out more what I wanted to do professionally, and how to be that person on Twitter, I wanted to find a following. I wanted people to engage with me. That’s the tricky thing about social media, at least, that’s what I think is the tricky part. Read More


The Importance of Guest Posts

Here’s a quick list of why I think guest posts are important. Short, sweet and to the point:

  1. Variety. Yes, this is my blog. But I only have so much experience and I only really have written in one genre (YA). Guest posts can allow different genre tips and general point of view to the whole writing process.
  2. Promotion. Less sparkly for the reader (potentially), more sparkly for the blogger. Getting a post on someone else’s blog helps drive traffic to your own blog (if the reader likes the post, that is). But you know what? It’s also good for the reader. If I read a guest post that I like, that means that I may have just found another great blog to follow. Yay for everyone!
  3. Community. I always like being part of a writer community. Having guest posts from various bloggers that then also host guest posts makes that community stronger. A little of the “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of thing. But then you also have new internet friends that could help you out if you have questions.

That being said, I haven’t had any guest posts here before. Sure, I’ve reblogged posts from others, but that’s not quite the same to me. If you want to share a post on my blog, comment, tweet (@simonislauren) or email me (laurenesimonis [at] gmail [dot] com.)

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