6 Tips to Improve Your Writing

6 tips to improve your writing (1)

I know that as a writer, I want to constantly improve. I want my next WIP to be better than the last. I’m sure some of you do too. So, I’ve come up with some tips to improve your writing. Some of these might be obvious, but we all need to hear them from time to time (I know I do!).

1. Write

The most obvious of them all. But it’s probably the most important. You have to keep writing. If you are stuck, write. If you don’t feel like writing, write. You can’t get better at something without doing it.

2. Read

Again, another pretty obvious one. Read in your genre. Read outside your genre. Check out authors that are similar to you. See what they do well, and things that you might change. Use reading as a learning experience. If you can’t work out a scene, find a scene that accomplishes the same thing and see how they made it work. HOWERVER, I am not condoning copying or stealing stuff from other writers. I’m suggesting you look at their techniques and repurpose them to fit your needs. Please don’t steal – it’s no fun for anyone.

3. Watch TVs/Movies

This is along the same lines of reading. Notice the dialogue and the plot points. See what works and doesn’t work. Sure, these things might not translate directly to your novel, poem or short story, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t help you learn to evaluate those elements better. And learning to do that will help you as a writer.

4. Get Critiqued

Having an outside reader of your works can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging, things you can do as a writer. Sure, it sucks to have someone potentially rip apart something you’ve worked hard on. But at the same time, if you are too close to something, you can’t see what really is or is not working. This isn’t to say that you always need to listen to everything someone tells you. Just take it into consideration.

5. Experience Something

Super vague, right? Well, if you have experience with something, you tend to be able to write it better (I’m not saying that you can’t write about something you are unfamiliar with – because that’s not true). Experiencing something can be a good exercise to go and do something and then write about it. If it’s something new that you haven’t written about before, it will help flex those writing muscles in ways they haven’t been flexed before. Flexing those writing muscles is always a good way to improve.

6. Write Something Different

Write outside your comfort zone. If you don’t blog, try writing a blog post. If you write Science Fiction, try writing Realistic Fiction. If you write fiction, try poems. Try anything that you wouldn’t normally write. It can open your eyes to a different perspective and help you write better in the future. Plus, it can be fun and great way to challenge yourself!

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