Why You Should Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Why You Should Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

You may have heard the phrase “Mobilegeddon” thrown around the past couple of months. If not, let me explain. Google recently updated their search algorithm, meaning that how your site gets ranked (aka how close to the top of the first page) has changed. But what has changed? Well, if you use Google search on your phone, Google now gives a boost in their rankings to mobile-friendly websites.

Cool, that’s awesome. Now when you go to sites, the first handful should ideally be mobile-friendly. But what if your site isn’t mobile-friendly? You might drop in your rankings. The solution: get a responsive website.

If your site isn’t responsive (or easy to use on mobile devices or tablets), then you are behind in the times. And I don’t mean to scare you, but mobile and tablet users are on the rise. If your site performs poorly on these types of screens, you may be loosing users.

Plus, as this article points out, responsive design is kind of implied at this point. No one says “Yes, can I please have a website that isn’t responsive?” You say “I want a website” and a good designer/developer should get you a site that is responsive.

But what about if you run/host your own site on something like WordPress? Have no fear! Getting your site responsive (and mobile/tablet-friendly) is pretty easy. Here are some quick options:

1. Find a responsive theme

Responsive themes are everywhere. If you are searching for a theme using the appearance>themes route, make sure you go to “feature filter” and check the “Responsive Layout” under the Layout column. This will ensure that your site will be responsive without any hassle. This is the route I chose.

2. Use a plugin

There are a variety of plugins you can use to make your site mobile-friendly without necessarily choosing a responsive theme. One of the most widely used plugin is JetPack Mobile Theme. You probably are already using JetPack for other things like stats and social sharing. But this is just one more added bonus. Here is a list of other options in case you want to shop around.

Granted, these options are for WordPress. I haven’t had experience building sites in Wix, SquareSpace or Weebly, but have linked some helpful posts from their sites for guidance.

Any questions about responsive design or websites? Let me know in the comments! I would be glad to help you make your site mobile-friendly!

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