How to Use Pinterest as a Writer

How to Use Pinterest as a Writer

For writers, Pinterest can be a great resource. There are multiple ways you can utilize it for whatever you’re working on.


One main way I have been using Pinterest is to manage articles, worksheets, and other tips/tricks that I find on the Internet. This way, I can go back and read them or revisit the tips when they are appropriate (because sometimes I’ll pin stuff about parts of the writing/publishing process that I’m not at yet). You can check out that board here if you are interested.


Last but not least, you can utilize Pinterest for your blogging endeavors. It’s a great way to bring traffic to your blog – especially if you follow some of these great tips to make sure your blog is perfect for Pinterest.

Mood Boards

As you may have noticed, I’ve recently rebranded! With the help of the lovely Devan, I have been introduced to the awesomeness of mood boards. For those of you unfamiliar, mood boards are collages of sorts that tie together photos, images, and elements around an idea – in my case, my new brand.

Well, I recently saw that people use them for writing projects! I’m honestly surprised I didn’t think of it since I already had a secret story inspiration board on Pinterest.

Let me tell you why I’m super taken by the idea and why you should be too!

  1. Organization: I’m always looking for new and awesome ways to organize my writing info and details. These mood boards are a way for me to keep track of images that represent characters, outfits, locations, etc. for my novels. I’ve always used lists and notes to keep track of physical traits and those types of things for characters. But now, I can capture more than just the really important details. I’ve been using my mood board for everything, even small details like a character’s manicure for prom.
  2. Inspiration: While my current mood board has images I’ve already written down or captured in my current WIP, I plan on using it for more than just concrete pieces. Since I’m currently in the process of writing/plotting it, I’m going to capture ideas and characters that I may or may not use in this project. So this mood board will have actual details from my novel, as well as potential details for further down the road.
  3. Shareability: Now this one is something I plan to utilize, but something you don’t necessarily need to do. I personally have my new mood board public (you can have secret boards on Pinterest that only you can see). But why did I choose to have mine public when I had previously been using a secret board? I’m trying to a) show you guys how you can use them and b) be able to share it as a way of updating my followers on my progress. Just think how crazy cool it would be to have readers (you know – if my novel ends up being published) be able to look at this mood board and see the inspiration behind characters and everything?

Now that I’ve been talking so much about my new awesome mood board, you can go check it out here.

What are your thoughts on using mood boards? Do you currently use them (if you do, share it in the comments!). Are you thinking about trying them out?

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