By Day:

I’m a Digital Strategist at The Digital Ring. That means I get elbow-deep into creating WordPress sites using HTML/CSS, producing kick-ass social media content, proofing internal documents, and eating out of the candy bowls a foot from my desk.

By Night:

I’m an aspiring YA author. I’ve been working on my first novel since 2012, which is a Soft Sci-Fi Young Adult novel. If you like space, independent female protagonists and some serious potential for mass chaos, then it would be right up your alley (once it’s published, that is). And since I’m kind of an overachiever, I’m always working on my next project which changes all the time.

But wait, there’s more!

I’m more than just my profession (although I seriously love them both). I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, so I’m a die-hard Badger fan. But my love for sports doesn’t stop there. I’m also constantly cheering for the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs (don’t ask how that happened).

I love music, especially rock music. I’ve been to too many concerts to count, and am a SummerFest junkie (I’ve been to multiple concerts each year for the past at least 5 years). Favorite bands include Rise Against, Blink-182, Ludo, and OK GO.

But when it comes down to it, I’m pretty nerdy. I play video games with my friends, see all of the Marvel movies in theaters (especially on opening night), keep up with Doctor Who, and am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.