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Why Giving Writing Critiques Are Important

Recently I had an opportunity to critique a friend’s novel. This isn’t my first rodeo, so-to-speak. I’ve been giving writing critiques since my first workshop in college. I’ve critiqued in workshops, writing groups, online MS swapping, etc. But… Read More

A Writer’s Self-Doubt

As I have mentioned throughout my blog, I’ve been working on the same WIP since 2012. I’ve been through several stages of love and several stages of hate with it. I’ve gone through countless revisions, including numerous complete… Read More

Being Proud of Your Aspirations

I’ve always loved writing. I’ve been writing since I was about 7 years old. My first story I remember writing was called “The Turkey Who Ran Away The Day Before Thanksgiving.” Since then, I’ve written fan fiction, random… Read More

Learning to Love Planning

Planning vs Pantsing. It’s the age old writing debate. The first time I ever wrote a novel (my first NaNoWriMo) and honestly, anything I really wrote previously I was a pantser. I just sort of let anything I… Read More

Coming to Terms with Being Ambitious

Ambitious. I don’t think it’s a word that is particularly friendly to females in recent years. It’s a word I never thought to use to describe myself. That is, I never thought to use it until now. For… Read More

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